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Success is never a coincidence for brands that dominate in marketing.

In today’s rapidly advancing era of the internet and IT industry, increased competition and mobile technologies changing consumer buying journeys and habits constantly force brands to develop new marketing strategies. To succeed in marketing activities, marketing professionals need to specialize not only in foundational scientific marketing principles but also in new digital marketing metrics and technologies. Marketing activities designed with scientific methods are the most significant investment you can make for your brand. Anything else is merely an expense.

Before preparing a brand for holistic marketing activities, it is essential to establish the brand’s foundational/conventional marketing infrastructure and design a marketing culture and brand language. Digital marketing should be built on this foundation. Ventures with incomplete basic marketing infrastructure cannot thrive in the digital realm. They cannot establish a sustainable revenue model.

To ensure the digital visibility and accessibility of the brand, experienced teams should implement Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This approach always provides time and cost savings. Additionally, an experienced and foresighted marketing team should ground customer and brand expectations realistically and determine key performance indicators (KPIs) accordingly.

After all these steps, the last and most crucial area is the establishment of customer management systems. As all professional marketing experts know, acquiring new customers is costly, and losing existing customers is even more expensive. We emphasize the importance of setting up CRM systems and communication channels for the brand according to ISO 10002 standards, right from the beginning and without errors.

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