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The marketing world is transitioning from traditional to digital with the advent of version 4.0, entering a new era. It has been observed for a long time that product-centric marketing has lost its functionality; since Marketing 3.0, production is now guided by the desires of consumers. With Version 4.0, we are now facing a marketing world entirely based on real-time data. The number of metrics we need to follow to find the right methods is increasing every day. Analyzing the new paths customers take in their purchase journeys and trying to understand their behaviors has become crucial with the advent of Marketing 4.0.

The constant development of technology influences changes in market behavior, affecting the methods and channels used in marketing activities. To achieve success, it is necessary to effectively and efficiently utilize emerging concepts such as search engine marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing, Omni-Channel marketing, and customer relationship management.


Commerce is evolving. Are your online sales channels and customer management systems ready?

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Collect your digital data. And showcase your products to new audiences in light of this data!

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YouTube Channel Management

Engage in professional work on YouTube and promote your videos.

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Video Marketing

Introduce your products to your target audience with professional videos.

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We extract valuable insights from data for meaningful conversions.

We monitor your website traffic closely with AI-powered marketing software, providing solutions and strategies regarding the paths your visitors take in their shopping journey, identifying stages where you may experience losses, and how to enhance these points.

With real-time feedback, we establish decision support systems for you to make informed decisions. We visualize only the marketing metrics you need in real-time and present them to you in a personalized dashboard.

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