Çağlar Ünsalan

Marketing & E-Commerce Developer

About Me

I was born in Berlin in 1984, and I have a strong passion for innovation, technology, software, and design disciplines. As an official Google Partner, I have provided consultancy to companies on digital transformation matters.

With 9 years of experience, I specialize in the setup, integration, and management of e-commerce systems, as well as marketing. Currently, I am also focusing on enhancing my skills in IOS Mobile Development.

My skills at a glance: HTML,CSS,JS – Advanced Level, WordPress – Advanced Level, PHP – Intermediate Level, Photoshop – Advanced Level, Adobe Illustrator – Intermediat Level, Adobe XD – Advanced Level, Google Ads – Advanced Level, Google Analytics – Advanced Level, Meta Ads – Advanced Level – IOS Mobile Development – Begginer, English – Intermediate Level, German – Intermediate Level.


  • Atatürk University - Master's Degree in Marketing
    Graduated - 2021 - Turkiye
  • The Interactive Design Foundation - UX & UI Design Course
    Graduated -2020 - Norway
  • Anadolu University - Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
    Graduated - 2016 - Turkiye.

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